Monday, November 18, 2013

8 months

 How can it be that my teeny tiny little baby is 8 months old?
 I would never have been able to come close to imagining how special he would become to me.. 
What a huge part of my heart he would capture.

He absolutely l.o.v.e.s the outdoors.

This...this is the smile that melts mama's heart.

For a long time I wanted to get some pictures of him out in the leaves..
I was beginning to think that I wouldn't get them, cause we had snow before all the leaves were even down. I wanted there to be enough on the ground to look fun. 
Well..just don't look too hard through the fence, 
or you may see some of that white stuff on the ground. :)
Now though, I would happily welcome as much snow as would like to fall from the heavens. 
I absolutely love the fact that we've already had some this Fall, and am hoping we get lots more.
It  makes for such cozy home-days. 

Ok, back from the little bunny trail.... 

Kenden, my lovie.. mama absolutely loves watching you play...that smile that speaks pure bliss and joy that you find in the simple things.. enjoying God's wonderful creation. 
I hope you will always be able to enjoy the outdoors, and no only the outdoors, but the One who created the beauty for our pleasure and His Glory.

Love..just love.

Darling, you have changed so much! It seems every week, there is something new you can do, or you have another new tooth to show us. 
We love to listen to you talk and giggle. 
When you say "mama" it melts my heart into one big puddle. 
Your little voice is music to my ears.
 Your voice is so sweet, and your huge "scrunchy nose" grin, is so precious, mama can scarcely contain herself. 

I love watching you with your daddy. 
Watching you become attached to him makes my heart ache.
I hope you will always be happy to see him walk in the door after a long day of work.
Your squeal of delight is beyond precious. 
I think your favourite thing to do, is pull mama's hair out, and make a large mess of it. 
I think you're finally discovering that it really doesn't taste that great though. :)
Thank you, Kenden for making me  "mama". I love you with all of my heart..I hope you will always know that, and that you will know that I do things with your best in mind.
I love you, baby dear. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Starbucks Baby..

I have been a big Starbucks fan for a loong time.
That's not saying I get my daily (or even weekly) drinks,
but I sure do enjoy the times I do get to enjoy the treat.

All of that to say, my sister Camille came up the other weekend for a visit, so her, 
Kenden and I had an hour at Starbucks, and she spent some of that time snapping a few
photo's of my precious son and I. 

He truly is a gem. 

Does he not steal your heart? I mean, really. 
He sat there grinning and cheesing and generally being the
Charmer that he always is. 

I know, not the greatest photo, but must have at least one shot with the dear sister.
It was such a happy day. Sister Starbucks..with such a handsome baby boy? 
Ahh...Thank you, Jesus, for sending us special moments to cherish and enjoy..
I pray that I will always be able to remember that it's the little things that matter. 
It doesn't take thousands of $$ to make you happy.. 

Sometimes I think I need the reminder. It's so easy to get caught up in the whole mindset that I need more. Just need to buy that one other thing... I've had my eye on it for so long, and, well... I just don't feel like life will be complete until I have me that perfect little couch... I mean, Babe, we NEED that for our bedroom. No..because as soon as I get that little couch that I want so badly, then I will need a throw pillow, and.....the list goes on. 

So, posting about this happy day (and it really was happy) well, it helps me keep things in perspective. Taking time for family and friends, investing in their lives.. that's what is important. 
Not that perfect little white couch that would look so incredibly beautiful in my bedroom. 
(Besides, there is absolutely not even one tiny space for it in there. :)

Have a happy week! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Girl Time in LA.

The middle of September found us scrambling, and getting excited for this trip
to the wonderful, beautiful, fun city of Los Angelos, California!
Not just to take in the sights of the city, but to visit this very dear friend. Krys.
I think Kenden developed a small crush on my bestie while we were there.. he became sort of attached, and would get all sweet and flirty with her..not to mention the open stare (with much admiration in his eyes) at any given time.
 Dear Son, yes, she is an amazing lady, but you are far to young, and I have a feeling that by the time you grow up, well...she just may no longer be available. :) 
 Anyway, on with the story.  

Melinda and I were chatting one day, and mentioned in passing, 
how much fun it would be to go visit Krys. Of course, we didn't think it would actually happen,
but once our husbands heard the idea, they both took action, and decided that it was to be a go. 
They also decided that it needed to be a week long trip, instead of the long weekend we were thinking it would be. Yes, very sweet, good men we both have. 
Mel and I were able to meet up in Chicago, and fly the rest of the way together. 
Such a blessing it was. We made it there safe and sound, and after trying to make our way through crazy, city driving, (and a few detours:) We made it to a supper stop. (We ended up visiting the famous "El Pollo Loco" several times throughout our stay. Cheap, Mexican, and delicious salads. 
Need I say more?


The beautiful Krystal, and her handsome little admirer.
The first morning, we made our way to a delightful little coffee shop (that of course) we would be later returning to as well. 

Lexi, enjoying her own special snack, while we drink coffee and talk. 

These dear children rather adored each other. They did soo good while we ran here and there..allowing us to catch up and have a grand time. 

And even though our children are gems (most of the time:) Krystal's dear cousin offered to babysit for several hours, so us girls could go shopping in Fashion District. 
Seriously, peoples, that was the best place to go fabric shopping that I've ever been to in my life! Please.. I want to go back!! I could have spent all day there! 

There just so happened to be a swimming pool outside at Krys' apartment, so if course, we had to make good use of it at least a few times, and soak in some of the beautiful, California sunshine!

Kenden, enjoying the sun from his seat. (he was sitting there cause his mother had wishful thinking that maybe, just maybe he would take a nap.) He loved the water too, but I must say, he looks pretty content right where he is. 

We went out to Olive Garden one was fun and delishious! 
I haven't been there in ages, and I guess I forgot how fantastic the food really is.
Sadly, I don't have the best pictures from that night. I believe Melinda has the really good ones.. 
Hopefully I won't have to beg to hard to get them..and just maybe a few more photo's 
will show up on here at some point in time. 

Melt me....!

We got to spend a day on the Santa Monica beach. Need I say it was a splendid day?
I was hoping to take Kenden's 6 month pictures there, but he wasn't exactly impressed. 
He was tired, and wanted to touch the water, but it was so cold, it would make him cry, and then the sand was fun too, but not really to sit in, mom! So, these are the best of him that I was able to get. Kinda sad, but still oh-so-cute!

These precious babies couldn't get enough of each other.
 K, maybe not entirely true, but almost at any given time, Lexi could walk up and say 
"Heeey Bebe, and then they would both giggle. Priceless!

And, here is the only decent picture I have of all of us. Melinda...I'm counting on you! :)

He was long as he could stand on mommy's feet. 

I kinda really love palm trees.!

The day we left, Mel and I had to soak in more sunshine while Krys was working..
and this scattered mother lost her little boy's hat. 
So, she went searching the house, and found a stretchy scrap of material, 
that would just maybe work. He then acted somewhat like a clown. 
He kinda fit his outfit pretty well. Hey, what else are you supposed to do when you don't 
want his poor little head all crispy burnt? 

Here we are about midnight, waiting to fly home. 
Thank-you Krystal, for hosting us, and giving us such a lovely visit.
It was so great to be able to catch up again, and just talk about life with people 
that actually "get each other". 

And, here's a little man, who was quite happy to see his daddy again!
Oh, yes, we had a good trip, but we (I) really missed my husband!

This is what was waiting for me when I got home. 
It was such a happy basket, and letter, and and.. I felt so special and loved. 
I am convinced that I have the sweetest man ever..and does he ever know his wife?!!
Some of my favourite, chocolate covered coffee beans, mugs, a candle, and the Starbucks travel mug that I had eyed just a time or two. ;)  
I love him. And, I am so blessed!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Home! (part 2)

At long last, I'm back again.
 After traveling many miles, 
spending quality time with lots of different people, I'm home again.
 And oh, is it ever a good, happy place to be. 
As much as I love to travel, and see family and friends again, there is seriously 
So, now it's time to play some major catch-up on this thing.
 I've created I'm-not-sure-how-many-posts. Now, it's time to get them beyond my head, 
and on the actual page.
Look out, dear people..there just might be a huge picture overload coming right up. :)

A family "picnic" on the front lawn

 Two little boy-cousins --  Kenden & Bronson. Are they not darling? 
Getting to know each other on Grandmas front porch.
 She even has a bench just their size! (almost:)

We had to take a daily picture (or two) to send home to daddy.
Oh, how we missed him! 


And now, the reason we made the trip when we did. 
My aunt Jean, donated  "Tea with Hope (and her daughters)" to the fundraiser-auction
they held back in March. Jenna and I were so blessed to be able to make it out for the event.
Poor Brianna was greatly missed, but it was such a joy to be a guest there!

Jenna, Mom, Kenden & I, Janelle & Camille
It was a beautiful day for an outdoor party! 

Breathtaking. Down by the river. What more could you ask for?

I'll just let these pictures speak for themselves. beautiful and SO delicious! Blackberry Lemonade, anyone?

My Grandma with Kenden. 
I am so blessed that I get to call her "Grandma".
 She is the most beautiful lady, with such a sweet, gracious spirit.
Her house is always to go visit..You might go see her latest quilt, or just sit at the kitchen table and she'll pull out cookies, or ice-cream, (or whatever is on hand) put on the tea kettle (or coffee, if you prefer) and sit down for a lovely visit. 
Yes, I hope to be like her when I grow up.
And, yes... I do miss her very much 

Little man, waking up from a nap. Had to take a break from all the ladies, I suppose. 

And then, he came back for more snuggle time with mommy.

The delightful dessert. Mmm it was all so tasty, not to mention cuute!!

Here are the ladies that put it on and served us. 
(the 3 on the left are my Aunts. LeAnn, Jean & Carol) 
They did an incredible job.. 
It was such a fun, special day.

5 Months

Our little man hit the "5 month mark" out there. 
I'm doing horribly at keeping his months updated here, but we can't miss it all-together. 

The new chair is more fun to chew on, than anything. 
Right now, pretty much everything belongs in the mouth. 

Charming. Simply charming. 

Have I mentioned yet, how much a love this little guy??


Yes, it may have been long ago, that all of this happened, but it's still so much fun to go back and look at the pictures, and remember. Memories are such a precious, precious thing.  When I was debating weather or not I wanted to go (without my husband) it was a hard choice. I wanted soo badly to be out there, but I did not exactly like the thought of being gone for a week, (esp knowing that I was going to be in LA for another full week, not even a month after I came home) but now, I am oh-so-glad that I was able to be there. It's the moments we remember, not the days.. and yes, the reunion with my man was sweet, but looking back, I believe that these moments..memories from my time in OR, you can't put a price tag on. 


Another side note. I feel so wordy. Sometimes it takes me a full paragraph, to say what could be said in about 2 sentences. So, I guess you just have to bear with me. 

I hope you all are enjoying every day to the fullest. We've been having some Gorgeous, Fall days here, and we're just soaking them in. I think Fall has got to be one of my favourite seasons. (well, they're all kind of like my favourite) but there's something so fun about pulling out the sweaters and slippers, coffee and blankets, and those long cozy evenings.....?!! 
Also, Fall just so happens to be the time of year when Starbucks brings back those all-famous Pumpkin Spice Latte's. I just might be hooked.
 And... just the thought of Christmas coming right up, well, it's a pretty happy one.