Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Finally Settled.

 Yes, we are feeling settled. And is it ever a wonderful feeling!?! We were mostly done unpacking for a few days now...but last night we sorted through a few "leftover" things, and hauled out the last box. I still have a picture to hang and I sign to move...the baby room is not yet complete..I'm kind of thinking I will wait to finish decorating in there until the littlest member of the family makes his/her appearance.

Anyway, for now, things are where they will be for a while, and I feel like I can relax a little, and work on some of those projects that are calling my name before sweet bebe arrives. Time is really flying by, and it will be here before we know it. 

Why don't we start out with a few of this little Charmer that knows just how to melt mama's heart. 

Wanna kiss, anyone? 

Mmm...that quinoa salad is just soo good..and that spoon too fun to let sit. Yes, I think I will just go ahead and enjoy some before it actually makes it to the table. 

He's such a great helper already!

Welcome to our home..it's tiny, it's not perfect..but it's cozy, and everything has a place, and we are happy. So happy to be settled in.

Like I said...we are still waiting for the "perfect thing" for a few places, but I don't mind...So glad we don't have to be perfect, or have everything perfect. 


I guess that's it for now. No outside pictures...but that will happen later. I hope, anyway. :) I'm trying to learn not to make any rash promises, that I might not be able to keep. 

I hope you enjoyed the little peek into our home and lives. Please, please feel free to come visit us!
 The coffee will be ready in just a few minutes. 

Blessings on your night....

Monday, June 09, 2014


It's so precious! 

Yesterday we spent the day (well, most of it, anyway) at home, since the little Mr. is still getting over his little bout with chickenpox. It was actually quite lovely and relaxing just to sit back, enjoy together time, and spend time worshiping and singing...just us. At home. Even though things aren't in perfect order around here, we are very, very happy to be moved in. The big day was a week ago, Saturday. It was long, it was tiring, but it was oh-so-good. I will never be able to explain how wonderful it was to sleep in our own bed again..! Ok..I guess I'm a little off the subject here. Couldn't help myself...just got a little carried away. More on the big move, and our house in another post, on another day. Once things are a little more picture worthy. :)

Back to family. :) We were at the park for a little while in the afternoon, and little man loved every.single.minute.  I'll let these pictures tell you just how much. 

 This one..yes, it melts me. I am so thankful my son has such a wonderful daddy.
 In the last week it seems, Kenden has become much more attached to Graham. Something I love to watch. He has always been such a mama's baby, Graham had to make him stay on his lap sometimes...just so he could actually hold him (and give my arms a break). But that's changing. Now.. he's wanting daddy. Makes my heart swell with joy to watch them build a relationship with each other, that I hope and pray only gets stronger with time. 

This is quite possibly my favourite picture of the two of them. Ever. 

After only a few times going down the slide with daddy, he's already ready to try it "solo". How can it be that my baby is that old already, anyway? 

I seem to have a hard time picking my favourites. So..all of the "favourites" just get dumped on here. :)
Such handsome men, if I may say so myself. 

Later in the evening, we decided to go outside and see if we could snap a few pictures. Well...we were out there maybe 5 minutes when rain started pouring down on us.  Oh well...at least we got a few. 
Maybe more on another day? 

Then..it was to the couch for some quality snuggle time. 

I just have to learn to soak this in while I have it. Time..it's so precious, and it seems to slip away so fast. Almost without notice. Our family is soon to change again...which we are all extremely excited about. But these days, they are precious too. Time with my little boy..it will always be different, once he has to share..once I have to divide my time between two babies. 
I will always hold this darling child dear to my heart. Not saying I won't love the next as much as I love him...but sometimes I wonder if the feelings are different, after you've had your firstborn? I don't know..but I do  know that I'm so grateful for this boy...the one that gave me a new title. "Mama".

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Starting Fresh...

In so many ways, that's what it feels like our little family has been doing.. It seems as though sometimes life keeps throwing us unexpected things. Not to say that they're all bad, it's just impossible to keep up.

Last December, we started packing up our fist home, getting ready to go on a huge adventure, only at the time, we had no idea how big it would really be. We felt the Lord was leading us to move to British Columbia, so that's exactly what we set out to do. After a stressful month (with very little time to think of planning Christmas parties) we said good-bye, and locked the door to our little house for the very last time..Christmas Eve. There was sadness, yet excitement as we started out on this new voyage.

 That night we headed to Oregon to spend Christmas with my family. After being there for 10 days, we were on to the next place, for a short time. Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute. The beginning of December, my husband got a phone call from the administrator there, wondering if he would be interested in leading the choir for 3rd term.  Yes, yes of course he would..we were excited, and only a little nervous, not knowing what to expect, after being there as students and singles, only 3 short years before.  It was a stretching time, but we both enjoyed the time of refreshment. Graham did an amazing job with the choir, and enjoyed the 1 week choir tour that followed term, immensely.

We were excited and scared for it to end...because when we said goodbyes there...it felt as though we were stepping off a cliff. What reassurance to know that Jesus was right there with us, holding on to us the entire way. After spending several days in Ontario loading the trailer, wrapping things up, and saying good-bye, we were headed out. The trip West was long, tiring, and beautiful. :) It feels like a difficult task to try and describe what the past months have been like. We've been on a roller-coaster.. lots of excitement, hope and anticipation, and then times that felt frustrating and oh-so-low, when the hopes that we had were dashed over and over.  We definitely received a warm (or rather chilly, but friendly) welcome here in the North West..my Uncle & Aunt graciously allowing us to stay with them while we were house hunting, and the Bay Tree church family giving us a hospitable, caring welcome to their little flock. It felt like things would work out, and we were content, knowing we were where God wanted us, yet still just a bit frightened by all of the unknowns. House hunting proved to be much harder than we thought..the month of March went by with nothing working out..and we were well into April, still with nothing. Except, maybe we were slowly grasping what it was to really trust, and hang onto Jesus, when there was literally nothing we could do. We were stretched, and tried in ways that we wouldn't have chosen to be, but we are so thankful to our Heavenly Father for His promises to never leave or forsake us. We have plans to move into a small mobile home, just minutes out of the little town of Fort St John, the end of THIS month. We are so excited to unload, and unpack the boxes that are still all tucked away in the trailer that brought them here! :)

This year, the coming of Spring has brought so much more hope than other times. The signs of life..green grass, tulips poking up through the brown soil, and warm sunny days, that promise to be good for planting the garden in the next few days... It brings joy and peace to my soul..knowing that His timing is perfect, and that we can always rest in Him to lead and guide us through whatever comes our way. Even though we may not have chosen it to be this way-this long of a wait for our own little place again-we are calmed by His spirit and love, living in us.

May you find rest and joy in your journey..no matter where He may take you, cling to the fact that when He brings you to it, He will also bring you through it.

Monday, November 18, 2013

8 months

 How can it be that my teeny tiny little baby is 8 months old?
 I would never have been able to come close to imagining how special he would become to me.. 
What a huge part of my heart he would capture.

He absolutely l.o.v.e.s the outdoors.

This...this is the smile that melts mama's heart.

For a long time I wanted to get some pictures of him out in the leaves..
I was beginning to think that I wouldn't get them, cause we had snow before all the leaves were even down. I wanted there to be enough on the ground to look fun. 
Well..just don't look too hard through the fence, 
or you may see some of that white stuff on the ground. :)
Now though, I would happily welcome as much snow as would like to fall from the heavens. 
I absolutely love the fact that we've already had some this Fall, and am hoping we get lots more.
It  makes for such cozy home-days. 

Ok, back from the little bunny trail.... 

Kenden, my lovie.. mama absolutely loves watching you play...that smile that speaks pure bliss and joy that you find in the simple things.. enjoying God's wonderful creation. 
I hope you will always be able to enjoy the outdoors, and no only the outdoors, but the One who created the beauty for our pleasure and His Glory.

Love..just love.

Darling, you have changed so much! It seems every week, there is something new you can do, or you have another new tooth to show us. 
We love to listen to you talk and giggle. 
When you say "mama" it melts my heart into one big puddle. 
Your little voice is music to my ears.
 Your voice is so sweet, and your huge "scrunchy nose" grin, is so precious, mama can scarcely contain herself. 

I love watching you with your daddy. 
Watching you become attached to him makes my heart ache.
I hope you will always be happy to see him walk in the door after a long day of work.
Your squeal of delight is beyond precious. 
I think your favourite thing to do, is pull mama's hair out, and make a large mess of it. 
I think you're finally discovering that it really doesn't taste that great though. :)
Thank you, Kenden for making me  "mama". I love you with all of my heart..I hope you will always know that, and that you will know that I do things with your best in mind.
I love you, baby dear. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Starbucks Baby..

I have been a big Starbucks fan for a loong time.
That's not saying I get my daily (or even weekly) drinks,
but I sure do enjoy the times I do get to enjoy the treat.

All of that to say, my sister Camille came up the other weekend for a visit, so her, 
Kenden and I had an hour at Starbucks, and she spent some of that time snapping a few
photo's of my precious son and I. 

He truly is a gem. 

Does he not steal your heart? I mean, really. 
He sat there grinning and cheesing and generally being the
Charmer that he always is. 

I know, not the greatest photo, but must have at least one shot with the dear sister.
It was such a happy day. Sister time..at Starbucks..with such a handsome baby boy? 
Ahh...Thank you, Jesus, for sending us special moments to cherish and enjoy..
I pray that I will always be able to remember that it's the little things that matter. 
It doesn't take thousands of $$ to make you happy.. 

Sometimes I think I need the reminder. It's so easy to get caught up in the whole mindset that I need more. Just need to buy that one other thing... I've had my eye on it for so long, and, well... I just don't feel like life will be complete until I have me that perfect little couch... I mean, Babe, we NEED that for our bedroom. No..because as soon as I get that little couch that I want so badly, then I will need a throw pillow, and.....the list goes on. 

So, posting about this happy day (and it really was happy) well, it helps me keep things in perspective. Taking time for family and friends, investing in their lives.. that's what is important. 
Not that perfect little white couch that would look so incredibly beautiful in my bedroom. 
(Besides, there is absolutely not even one tiny space for it in there. :)

Have a happy week!